Communication module

Meet the successor of GSM-5!



Universal multi-purpose GSM/GPRS communication module



The purpose of the GMS-5 communication module is to provide a GSM backup communication path in the case of a traditional telephone line failure. Its dual SIM card support improves the reliability of GSM connectivity by means of independence from one telecom operator infrastructure. The GSM-5 can carry voice messaging and SMS messaging as well as conduct monitoring with the use of GPRS technology.

  • GSM backup for telephone line 
  • support for two SIM cards 
  • telephone line supervision with automatic switching to GSM 
  • 4 programmable inputs 
  • telephone reporting conversion to SMS/GPRS/CSD 
  • 3 outputs for DTMF/SMS/CLIP remote control 
  • pager (DTMF) to SMS conversion 
  • CLIP test transmissions 
  • modem feature for INTEGRA panels unit configuration with buttons or PC
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