Backup communication path module for telephone line

Meet the successor of GSM-4!



Universal multi-purpose GSM/GPRS communication module



The GSM-4 communication module makes it possible to use a GSM network as a back-up communication path for traditional wired telephony networks. This module independently supervises a wired telephony network and, in the event of its failure, switches into a mobile telephony path. The GSM-4 module makes it possible to implement text and voice messaging functions. It also ensures remote control over any device by means of text messages, Clip and DTMF.

Features and functions:

  • transmission of signals from a telephone dialer via GSM network
  • conversion of PAGER messages to SMS
  • remote module configuration via GPRS
  • remote programming of control panels via GPRS - "remote RS-232 port" function
  • remote update of module firmware
  • telephone line supervision and automatic switch-over to GSM at fault
  • telephone reporting conversion to SMS, GPRS and CSD formats
  • 4 module inputs with ability to start voice / SMS messaging and to trigger event transmission when reporting
  • 3 outputs with remote control capability


  • dedicated monitoring module for INTEGRA control panels
  • SMS receiver for STAM monitoring station
  • GSM gateway for telephone exchanges
  • SMS, GPRS, CSD reporting for any control panel
  • voice messaging for any control panel
  • remote control of devices
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