Spare communication path module for a phone line with APS-15 power supply

Meet the successor of GSM-4 PS!



Universal multi-purpose GSM/GPRS communication module



Features and functions:

  • transmission of signals from phone dialer through GSM network
  • conversion of PAGER messages to SMS
  • remote configuration of module via GPRS
  • remote programming of central control panels via GPRS – "remote RS-232 port" function
  • remote update of module software
  • supervision over phone line and automatic switching to GSM at failure
  • conversion of phone monitoring into SMS, GPRS and CSD formats
  • 4 module inputs with option to activate voice/SMS notification and for triggering event transmission in monitoring
  • 3 outputs with remote control option


  • dedicated monitoring module for INTEGRA central control panels
  • SMS receiver for STAM monitoring station
  • GSM gate for telephone exchanges
  • SMS, GPRS, CSD monitoring for any alarm central units
  • voice notification for any alarm central units
  • remote control of devices
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