External 56k modem

MDM56 BO is an analog modem designed to be used with SATEL alarm control panels, which enables remote communication with them using the analog telephone line. The module can be connected to the control panel as an external modem, thus allowing the transmission rate to be increased up to 56 kbit/s. As a result, the device can be programmed at the same speed as when the PC computer is directly connected to the RS-232 port of the given control panel. For interaction with the computer, the DLOAD10, DLOAD64, DLOADX, GUARD64 or GUARDX program is required. The device supports the ITU-T V.90, V.34, V.32bis, V.32., V.23, V.22bis, V.22, Bell 212A as well as v.21 and Bell 103 transmission protocols (the last two of them are used for communication with the control panel built-in modems). The modem is supplied with 12 V DC voltage, typical for control panels, which facilitates installation, because it can be powered from the same source as the control panel.

The MDM56 modem is available in three versions: MDM56 BO, without enclosure (to be used with the control panel) as well as two versions with a plastic enclosure: MDM56 CA (to be installed at INTEGRA and CA-64 control panels) and MDM56 PC (complete with a power supply unit, to be installed at the computer) ul>

  • optimized for communication with SATEL panels
  • transmission speed up to 56 kbit/s
  • powered by 12 V DC supply - typical for alarm panels
  • AT command based configuration
  • installed on panel side
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