CA-5 P

Intruder alarm control panel

The CA-5 control panel is designed for security of small facilities which do not require future expansion options of the system. The control panel can cooperate with external GSM/GPRS communication modules.

  • 5 on board zones
    • support for NC, NO, EOL, 2EOL/NC and 2EOL/NO loop configurations
    • flexible selection of zone function
  • 3 outputs (bell output + 2 programmable outputs)
  • RS-232 port (TTL) - RJ type socket 
  • on-board PSTN telephone dialer for reporting, messaging and remote uploading/downloading
  • system operation
    • LCD and LED keypads
  • system programming
    • local (LCD/LED keypad, PC connected to RS-232 port)
    • remote (PC connected via modem)
  • system codes
    • 1 master user code
    • up to 5 user codes
    • 1 service code
  • event log with 255 entries
  • monitoring using ContactID and other protocols
    • 2 monitoring stations numbers
  • advanced telephone tone analysis:
    • TBR-21 compliant tone detection
    • intelligent redial attempts
    • programmable dialing sequence
  • built-in 300 bps modem
  • autodiagnostic features for basic system components
  • on-board switching mode power supply
    • controlled battery charging
    • load battery testing
    • battery deep discharge protection
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