CA-5 Plus SET

Set of main alarm system devices

The set is based on the CA-5 Plus system, consisting of the CA-5 P Plus control panel and the GPRS-T1 Plus module (including the dedicated CA5T1 software for both devices), which are installed in the OPU-4 P enclosure. The set offers functionality which so far has only been available in much more complex devices, notably the remote programming via GPRS or the control by using SMS messages. In combination with the option of remote system management via the monitoring station, the CA-5 Plus is an ideal solution for everybody looking for a simple, easy to install and reliable system with enhanced communication functions for protecting small premises, such as apartments, kiosks, boutiques and service points.

The CA-5 Plus SET consists of 4 components:

  1. CA-5 Plus
  2. ANT-OBU-Q quad-band antenna
  3. CA-5 KLCD-S keypad
  4. RJ/PIN3-GPRS cable


Additional functionality of the CA-5 Plus, which can be obtained by using the set:

  • reporting events from the control panel via GPRS
  • event notification by means of SMS messages
  • bypassing / unbypassing selected zone
  • remote operation of the control panel using SMS messages:
    • arming / disarming
    • alarm clearance
    • bypassing / unbypassing selected zone
    • changing password
  • remote monitoring of the system status using a mobile phone (GPRS-T1 Plus module sends an SMS message after identification of the number of phone from which the module number was dialed)
  • information about the status of the GPRS-T1 Plus module displayed on the LCD keypad connected to the control panel
  • simple and easy configuration of reporting



  1. The RJ/PIN3-GPRS cable for connecting the GPRS-T1 Plus to the CA-5 P Plus through the RS port is only available as part of this set.
  2. In order to build a full alarm system, installation of the transformer, battery and detectors is required, as well as the wiring to connect individual components of the system.
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