Relay module

The MP-1 relay module is a multi-purpose electrical device, designed to be used in low-voltage electrical installations, including security alarm systems. The control function is implemented by using voltage signals which are fed to the control inputs to make or break the relay contacts.

MP-1 has 4 electromagnetic 12 V DC voltage operated relays, and 5 fuses connected in series in the output voltage circuits, which serve as overload protection for the connected devices. The relay module makes it possible to control high current consumption electrical devices (R1 and R2 relays up to 4 A; R3 and R4 up to 8 A), supplied with either direct or alternating voltage (relays R1 and R2 up to 48 V AC/DC; R3 and R4 up to 400 V AC / 250 V DC).

MP-1 can be used in conjunction e.g. with any alarm control panel, including CA-5, CA-6, CA-10, CA-64, INTEGRA, VERSAor modules equipped with OC outputs, including GSM-4 or ETHM-2. Current-carrying capacity of the OC type outputs in these devices is usually limited to 50 mA.

  • high-current AC/DC appliance control
  • triggering with low-current OC outputs
  • 4 relays
  • 5 fuses
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