MZ-1 L

Distribution box module

MZ-1 L is an universal distribution box module designed for low-voltage electrical installations, including security alarm systems. Its purpose is to connect several wires without having to solder them or use any additional terminal blocks or other connections, which greatly facilitates the installation work. For easy identification, the connections are numbered.

MZ-1 L is provided with 6 screw-type terminal blocks having maximum operating voltage 24 V AC/DC and current up to 500 mA. Additionally, the module is provided with a tamper switch that responds to opening the enclosure.

The MZ-1 module with screw-type terminals comes in two versions, which differ by the size of their terminal blocks: MZ-1 L (large blocks) and MZ-1 S (small blocks).

The module is available in an aesthetic enclosure made of white plastic.

  • facilitates installation of low-voltage installations, like alarm installations
  • screw type terminals
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