Code lock

The SZW-02 code lock can be used as a self-contained device, designed for electronic control of a single door, e.g. in locations where it is unnecessary to install an extensive security alarm or access control system. The lock has a relay output for direct control of the electric strike, electromagnetic lock or another device with current consumption up to 2 A. SZW-02 can also be used with an alarm system for arming, disarming, etc. The lock can operate in two modes: monostable (the relay is activated for a preset time only) and bistable (the relay changes its status until the password is re-entered). The device is also provided with tamper protection which responds to opening the enclosure and tearing if off the wall.

The aesthetic enclosure of the lock is oblong in shape. Installed in its right-hand part are three colored LEDs which indicate the device status (you can program any function for one of them). On the left-hand part of the lock enclosure you can find legible keys, which are protected by a flip cover. Green backlighting of the keys makes the device easy to use even in places with low light.

  • operates control panels: arming, disarming and entry delay triggering
  • controls relay for electromagnetic lock / electric strike
  • LED for relay state indication
  • 3 incorrect codes alarm
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