Kontroler systemu bezprzewodowego ABAX

Meet the successor of ACU-120!



ABAX 2 wireless system controller


The ACU-120 controller can be used with the control panels of INTEGRA and VERSA families, allowing expansion of the system by adding wireless devices. It provides two-way communication with confirmation of all transmissions. It also allows the alarm system to be operated by means of wireless keypads as well as remote control keyfobs of the ABAX bidirectional system.

The advantage of the ACU-120 controller is its excellent range - up to 500 m in open area, obtained through the use of an advanced radio system. Depending on the level of the received radio signal, the device will automatically select the optimal antenna that will be used to receive the transmission.

  • interfacing with the control panels of INTEGRA and VERSA families (connection through the communication bus)
  • support for up to 48 wireless devices of ABAX or ABAX 2 system (version 5.05 or higher):
    • detectors - ABAX system: AFD-100, AGD-100, AMD-100, AMD-101, AMD-102, AMD-103, APD-100, APMD-150, AOD-200, AOCD-250, ARD-100, ASD-110, ASD-150, ATD-100, AVD-100
    • detectors - ABAX 2 system: APD-200, APD-200 Pet, APMD-250, AOD-210, AOCD-260, AXD-200, AGD-200, ASD-200, ASD-250
    • sirens - ABAX system: ASP-100 R, ASP-105 R, ASP-205 R
    • sirens - ABAX 2 system: ASP-200 R, ASP-215 R
    • other - ABAX system: ACX-200, ACX-201, ARF-100, ARU-100, ASW-100 E / ASW-100 F
    • other - ABAX 2 system: ACX-210, ACX-220, ASW-210
  • support for wireless keypads:
    • INT-KWRL, INT-KWRL2 (up to 4 keypads)
    • VERSA-LCDM-WRL, VERSA-KWRL2 (up to 6 keypads)
  • support for up to 248 keyfobs (depending on the control panel): APT-100, APT-200
  • two-way encrypted radio communication in the 868 MHz frequency band
  • up-to-date radio system
  • diversification of antennas
  • programming the controller via the control panel by using:
    • keypad in the service mode
    • DLOADX program
  • RS-232 TTL port to connect a computer, which makes controller firmware update without having to dismantle the controller possible, as well as diagnostics from the DLOAD10 program
  • tamper switch responding to the enclosure opening
  • tamper input
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