Wireless temperature detector

Meet the successor of ATD-100!



Wireless multipurpose detector


ATD-100 is a wireless temperature detector designed for operation as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system. If properly used in the system, it enables indication of the current values of ambient temperature, e.g. on the display of INT-KSG, INT-TSG, INT-TSH or INT-TSI keypad. The device can also be used to violate the two temperature thresholds (minimum and maximum), which may be useful if the control panel is to run home automation functions , for example, to turn on heating or air conditioning. Configuration of the detector settings is done remotely, using the DLOADX program. ATD-100 is compatible with INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel, ACU-120, ACU-270 and the older ACU-100, ACU-250 controllers, as well as with ARU-100 radio signal repeater.

The temperature detector is available in two color versions: white (ATD-100) and brown (ATD-100 BR).

  • built-in digital temperature sensor
  • two programmable temperature thresholds
  • remote configuration
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