Wireless reorientation detector

Meet the successor of ARD-100!



Wireless multipurpose detector


ARD-100 is a wireless reorientation detector designed to operate as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system. The device is used for protection of personal valuables, which is implemented by analyzing changes in their orientation relative to the initially registered position. The built-in accelerometer analyzes acceleration and gravitation. Any displacement is regarded as violation and triggers alarm. Configuration of the device parameters is performed remotely using the DLOADX software. The detector is provided with a battery status feature and tamper protection against opening or tearing off the wall. It is compatible with INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel, ACU-120, ACU-270 and the older ACU-100, ACU-250 controllers, as well as with ARU-100 radio signal repeater.

  • individual protection on precious items
  • detection of item’s reorientation in 3D space
  • remote configuration
  • tamper protection
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