Wireless flood detector

Meet the successor of AFD-100!



Wireless multipurpose detector


AFD-100 is a wireless water flood detector, designed to work in the ABAX two-way wireless system. Its intended use is protection of bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, basements etc., as well as other areas where a spill or leak may occur, even in a living room with fish tank. The detector is provided with a sensor on a 3 m long flexible wire, which makes its installation easy even in hard to reach places. Flooding signal is triggered by the sensor electrode coming into contact with water. Additionally, AFD-100 is provided with a test mode LED indicator and tamper protection against enclosure opening or tearing off the wall. The device is compatible with INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel, ACU-120, ACU-270 and the older ACU-100, ACU-250 controllers, as well as with ARU-100 radio signal repeater.

The AFD-100 detector is available in two color versions: white (AFD-100) and brown (AFD-100 BR).

  • detection of water presence for flood threated areas
  • external easy to mount sensor
  • tamper protection against opening and removing from mounting surface
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