Wireless dual technology PIR+microwave detector

Meet the successor of APMD-150!



Wireless dual-tech motion detector


The APMD-150 wireless detector operates as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system. This device has a dual mechanism of detection: PIR sensor and microwave sensor. The dual technology design, digital motion detection algorithm and temperature compensation provide high immunity to false alarms and interference, even in areas where adverse or quickly varying conditions prevail, e.g. in the vicinity of fireplaces, in locations where drafts frequently occur, etc. Independent remote adjustment of both sensors is possible by using the DLOADX program. Battery status is controlled by the appropriate function. The detector has a tamper protection against opening and tearing off the mounting surface. The device is compatible with INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel, ACU-120, ACU-270 and the older ACU-100, ACU-250 controllers, as well as with ARU-100 radio signal repeater. It meets the EN 50131-2-2 requirements for Grade 2 security.

The detector delivery set includes an adjustable mounting bracket, which allows a wide range of coverage area adjustment.

  • PIR and MW based detection
  • advanced power management
  • high false alarm immunity
  • independent PIR and microwave remote sensitivity adjustment
  • remote configuration
  • tamper protection against opening and removing from mounting surface
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