Radio signal retransmitter

ARU-200 radio signal retransmitter receives transmissions from ABAX 2 wireless devices and retransmits them. ARU-200 can extend the range of the ABAX 2 system wireless communication.

  • retransmission of signals from 46 wireless devices
  • encrypted two-way radio communication in the 868 MHz frequency band (AES standard)
  • diversification of transmission channels - 4 channels allow automatic selection of one that guarantees transmission without interference with other signals in the 868 MHz frequency band
  • remote upgrade of retransmitter firmware
  • LED indicator of retransmitter status
  • tamper protection against opening the enclosure
  • power supply 230 V AC
  • built-in switching mode power supply
  • short-circuit protection of power supply input
  • battery as an emergency power source
  • battery charging system
  • battery monitoring and disconnection of discharged battery

ARU-200 retransmitter is supported by two controllers:

  • ACU-220
  • ACU-280
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