Hardware configurator


Notice: for designing conventional CSP systems, use version 1.02.


Development and editing of hardware configurations for fire alarm systems:
  • possibility to develop a hardware configuration of a fire alarm system based on the ACSP addressable system
    • selection of topology: loop, radial, hybrid
  • adding and editing levels/floors in the building
  • adding building levels/floors plans prepared in the following formats: JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PDF
  • arranging SATEL fire alarm system devices on the plan (map)
  • drawing connections between devices and penetrations between floors
  • console displaying possible configuration errors and warnings
  • ongoing verification of the correctness of the connection configuration
  • calculation of the device weights in each detection line
  • informing users about exceeding the maximum permissible number of devices in the system
  • choosing how to illustrate devices on the plan: thumbnails of devices, photos, graphic symbols
  • presentation of detector ranges on the plan
  • assigning devices to zones
  • presentation of topology as a graph
  • possibility to save the configuration project and edit it after restarting the Configurator
Calculation of the designed system current balance and battery selection:
  • determining the total current consumption during supervision and alarm
  • calculation and indication of the minimum battery capacity necessary to back up the system in the event of main power failure for a specified period of time
  • calculation of voltage drops and warning of exceeding limit values at a given point on the line/loop
  • ability to estimate the current balance and to verify if the limit values of the selected parameters are not exceeded, without the need to upload a facility plan and place devices on it
Calculation of resistance of detection lines:
  • calculation of the length of the line/loop cables taking into account the system parameters entered in the project
  • verification if the limit values are not exceeded
Fire alarm system cost estimate:
  • importing your own price lists and using them in a particular calculation
  • adding your own elements to the offer, such as cabling, installation cost and initial servicing cost
  • providing your own elements with: proper names, number of items, units of measurement and net prices;
  • individual arrangements concerning: profit margin, discount rates and VAT for individual items included in the cost estimate.
Documentation and offer preparation:
  • generating of offers including such items as:
    • information about the project
    • plan/map of the fire alarm system showing locations of its devices
    • descriptions and technical data of devices included in the system
    • current balance of the system
    • cost estimate
    • certificates of admittance and other certifications
    • logo and details of the designer
    • notes
  • printing the documentation or generating it in PDF format
  • PC with MS Windows 7 (x86, x64) or later operating system
  • processor Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 or higher
  • minimum 512 MB RAM
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