Conventional input / output module

The MIO-400 module is used to supervision and control of fire protection equipment or fire protection systems and other devices.

It is designed to operate in the detection line of the ACSP-402 addressable fire alarm control panel.

  • 4 inputs:
    • selection of input polarity: NO or NC,
    • programmable input type,
    • detection of short circuit or open circuit.
  • 4 relay outputs:
    • programmable output type,
    • capability to control electrical devices powered with 230 VAC,
    • resistive, inductive or capacitive load switching.
  • Double-sided short-circuit isolator.
  • Power from the detection line.
  • LEDs to indicate:
    • input state,
    • output state,
    • faulty input,
    • faulty module.
  • Mountable on 35 mm DIN rail.
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