Moduł komunikacji z panelem wirtualnym

The server module of the virtual panel is designed to remotely monitor the status of a fire alarm system which uses the CSP-100 and CSP-200 series control panels. The module can verify the status of a CSP fire alarm system from any location around the world, by means of a computer equipped with an internet browser. This solution facilitates, among others, remote diagnostics of the system for the system maintenance team.

  • cooperates with CSP-200 and CSP-100 series control panels and PSP-100 and PSP-200 series remote control panels
  • automatic IP configuration by means of DHCP
  • powered directly by the control panels
  • the module has been issued a European CPD construction certificate for control panels CSP-104, CSP-108, CSP-204, CSP-208 and a domestic construction certificate mark B


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