Universal monitoring module

GPRS-A Lite is a universal monitoring module that can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of intruder alarm systems as well as automation systems. It is equipped with a cellular module supporting 2G and 4G mobile networks.

The module has 4 digital inputs (NO/NC) and one input for monitoring the AC power supply. Additionally, the electronics board features 4 programmable OC-type outputs.

It can be used for event reporting while operating together with any alarm control panel. To this end, GPRS-A Lite is connected to dialler of such control panel or to its suitably configured outputs. The module offers notification to a maximum of 8 users, using SMS or via the CLIP service. Outputs of the module can be controlled remotely with SMS, CLIP service or the GX Soft configuration program.

GPRS-A Lite is programmed and configured via a computer with the GX Soft program installed. The computer can communicate with the module locally using the USB port (Micro-B) or remotely, with data transmission over a cellular network*. Remote update of the device (its firmware) is possible owing to the compatibility of GPRS-A Lite with the UpServ update server.

  • events reporting: SMS / LTE*
  • conversion and retransmission of event codes received from other devices (simulation of a telephone monitoring station)
  • sending notifications to up to 8 telephone numbers
  • messaging: SMS / CLIP
  • remote control of outputs or disabling of inputs with SMS / GX Soft / CLIP (up to 10,000 numbers – output control only)
  • 4 programmable inputs (NO, NC)
  • AC power supply monitoring input
  • 4 programmable outputs (OC-type)
  • option to check the pre-paid account balance and notification when the amount of funds drops below the minimum level
  • configuration of module settings:
    • locally – a computer with the GX Soft program connected to the USB (Micro-B) port on the module
    • remotely – a computer with the GX Soft program connecting to the module using data transmission over a cellular network*
  • remote firmware update capability
  • power supply: 12 V DC

* data transmission using the LTE//EDGE/GPRS technology – depending on the cellular network capabilities

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