Visualization board for STAM monitoring station

STAM-1 PTSA is a visualization board that presents the state of monitored premises by means of LEDs. A single visualization board makes it possible see the state of up to 64 monitored premises (two LEDs for each premises). For visualization of a greater number of premises, you may connect more visualization boards (only the first board is directly connected to the monitoring station, while the expansion boards are connected to each other). Up to 63 visualization boards can be used in one system, which allows presentation of the state of up to 4032 premises. You can configure the LED lighting pattern by using the monitoring station program.

The visualization board has a built-in 1.3 A switching mode power supply with battery charging and status control circuit (up to 7 Ah).

  • LED visualization of 64 premises
  • support for up to 63 boards in a system
  • on-board switching mode power supply
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