Termination receiver card

STAM-1 K is a telephone receiver termination card, which is a component part of the STAM-1 and STAM-2 monitoring stations. It should be connected to the STAM-1 P or STAM-1 PE receiver base card.

The device is a complete receiver of data sent by the control panels via a telephone line. It makes it possible to set up a supervision center for monitoring the state of connected alarm systems. STAM-1 K can be installed in the PCI slot of any PC computer, from which it only derives power. Other hardware solutions can also be used, e.g. the cards can be installed in the STAM-BOX housing or in the monitoring station system with built-in STAM-IRS micro server. The receiver termination card communicates with the PC computer via the receiver base card to which STAM-1 K is connected via the RS-232 pin connector. Each telephone receiver card is provided with a RJ-11 jack connector for one telephone line, which means that one telephone number is assigned to the monitoring station. Additionally, the device has one mini-jack connector for audio monitoring of the given telephone line using a headset or speakers.

STAM-1 K enables the STAM-1 PTSA visualization boards to be connected for visual presentation of the state of monitored premises by means of LEDs.

The module supports several transmission formats with automatic recognition and autonegotiation of the communication protocol. The amount of data received by the card is unlimited and their correctness is tested as they come. The card has a FIFO buffer for 250 last received events.

Functions of automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting of the connected telephone line ensure proper operation of STAM-1 K.

  • PCI slot compatible form factor
  • RS-232 for connecting the STAM-1 PTSA synoptic board
  • telephone line jack for telephone line monitoring
  • multiprotocol compatibility (incl. ContactID)
  • autonegotiation of communication protocol
  • data transmission verification support
  • no limitation for number of data received
  • FIFO buffer for 250 last received events
  • full autodiagnostic
  • telephone line overhear audio jack
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