TCP/IP reporting converter to telephone formats

Meet the successor of SMET-256!



Converter for a monitoring station


The SMET-256 converter is a device that is intended primarily for alarm system monitoring companies, security agencies, etc. It receives events sent via TCP/IP network by SATEL devices (e.g. ETHM-2 Ethernet module, GPRS-T2 module). Depending on the converter settings, the events are sent to the monitoring station (e.g. STAM-2) via telephone cable or RS-232 communication bus.

The converter can operate in advanced mode (up to 256 subscribers, with communication control) or in basic mode (without control of communication with the subscriber). SMET-256 can simulate both the analog phone line, and one of the following receivers: RC-4000 VISONIC, SurGard (MLR2/MLR2E), RSM-02.

SMET-256 has an event receipt acknowledgment function, which allows you to verify correctness of the transmission. Received events are kept in the converter memory until they are sent to the monitoring station. SMET-256 is also provided with protective options, such as Ethernet cable presence control and receiving transmissions only from devices with defined MAC numbers, that protects the converter against hacking attempts.

Configuring the SMET-256 converter and defining subscribers can be carried out via the RS-232 port (SMET-256 SOFT / SMET Soft program) or TCP/IP network (web browser or SMET-256 SOFT / SMET Soft program).

  • SATEL TCP/IP reporting conversion to telephone line monitoring
  • compatible with SATEL Ethernet and GPRS transmitters
  • simulation of Visonic RC4000 and SurGuard MLR2 receivers
  • support for up to 256 subscribers with individual link supervision
  • support for unlimited number of subscribers without individual link supervision
  • event buffering until successful reception by telephone receiver
  • ETHERNET link supervision
  • optional incoming events filtering based on physical address (MAC)
  • configuration via web browser (TCP/IP connection) or via dedicated software (RS-232 connection)
  • support for automatic IP address configuration with DHCP
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