Proximity card

KT-STD-1 is a 125 kHz passive transponder. It is compatible with proximity identifier readers and thus can be used in the alarm systems based on the INTEGRA control panels as well as in the ACCO and ACCO NET access control systems. It allows the system users to take advantage of the access control functionality, and enables the administrator to identify individual users, record their attendance and working hours, etc.

The device comes in the form of proximity card the size of a standard payment card (85 x 55 mm, thickness <1 mm). Hence, you can carry it e.g. in your wallet, which diminishes the risk of it being accidentally lost. You can also keep it in the OP-KT-1 holder for better protection against mechanical damage. Holes are provided in the holder so that you can wear your transponder e.g. suspended from a lanyard.

Additionally, you can place an imprint on the card (text, photo, etc.) to facilitate its identification.

  • passive 125 kHz transponder
  • standard credit card size
  • dimensions: 85 x 55 mm
  • colour: white
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