DIN rail compatible zones and outputs expansion module

The INT-IORS module allows expansion of the INTEGRA and ACCO NET systems by 8 programmable relay outputs and 8 zones with support for NO, NC, EOL and 2EOL configuration. This module is designed for implementation of direct operation of 230 V devices using the INTEGRA control panel. It is an ideal option where the capabilities offered by the INTEGRA control panels are to be used to create an automation system. The device can also work with ACCO-NT access control panels. The INT-IORS module is designed for mounting on a standard 35 mm DIN rail.

  • 8 relay outputs for direct control of 230 V mains powered appliances
  • 8 programmable zones
  • installation directly on 35 mm DIN rail
  • optical indicators of relay state
  • cooperation with ACCO NET system (since 1.4 release)
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