Access control panel

Meet the successor of ACCO-NT!



Access control panel


The ACCO-NT is an access control panel which is part of the ACCO NET access control system. It provides many new features for both the system administrator and the user. Centralization of the system, the ability to incorporate into it any number of objects and any number of control panels on the premises, as well as the ability to administer the system from the web browser are just a few examples of the new system functionality.

The ACCO-NT control panel has the option of programming complex logical operations on the outputs, which enables execution of non-standard control functions. Moreover, the control panel provides support for 8,000 users (up to 65,000 in the whole system), and each of them can be assigned 4 identifiers (cards, key tags, iButtons, etc.) plus a keyfob.

A single ACCO-NT control panel may be integrated with many intruder alarms based on INTEGRA control panels.

  • support for up to 255 access control modules
  • ability to create up to 255 partitions in 1 control panel (up to 255 access control modules can be defined in one partition)
  • ability to add up to 16 passageways (up to 16 partitions can be defined in each passageway)
  • 8 programmable zones on the control panel board, expandable to 264 zones
  • 8 programmable outputs on the control panel board, expandable to 264 outputs
  • 2 high-current outputs on the control panel mainboard, with power output functionality (current-carrying capacity of each output: 0.5 A / 12 V DC ± 15%)
  • ability to connect up to 32 expanders directly to the control panel: INT-E, INT-IORS, INT-O, INT-ORS, INT-PP, INT-RX-S
  • electrical protection of all zones and outputs as well as communication buses
  • connector for APS-412, APS-612 or APS-1412 backup power supply
  • USB MINI-B port for configuring network settings and updating firmware of the control panel
  • LED status indicators for:
    • communication between the control panel and the RS-485 buses, computer and server
    • power supply circuit
    • microSD card
  • events are stored in non-volatile memory of the control panel:
    • up to 1,000,000 events from the control panel
    • 100,000 events from each access control module
  • number of users: 8,000 in the control (65,000 in the whole system)
  • each user can be assigned:
    • code
    • passive transponder (e.g. in the form of proximity card or key tag)
    • Dallas chip (iButton)
    • remote control keyfob
  • ability to assign 4 identifiers and 1 keyfob to a single user
  • access to certain partitions within a specified time interval
  • ability to block/unblock partition at a specified time, or as per access schedule
  • implementation of logic functions on zones and outputs
  • support for turnstiles
  • ability to control the control panel outputs by using keyfobs
  • optional installation of the control panel in OPU-3 P or OPU-4 P enclosure



ACCO-NT access control panel in version:

  • 1.14.026 works with ACCO Server in version 1.17.xxx
  • 1.14.023 works with ACCO Server in version 1.16.xxx
  • 1.13.xxx works with ACCO Server in version 1.15.xxx

ACCO-NT access control panel works with ACCO-KP, ACCO-KPWG, ACCO-KP-PS, ACCO-KPWG-PS door controllers only in version v3.00 or higher.

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