Battery for wireless outdoor sirens

The BAT-ER-3,6 is a lithium-thionyl-chloride battery with 3.6 V constant voltage and very high 13 Ah capacity. It is used to power the ASP-200 R, ASP-100 R and MSP-300 R wireless outdoor sirens. The battery is characterized by high resistance to extreme temperatures and difficult working conditions. It is also used in medical and military solutions.

  • dedicated to powering ASP-200, ASP-100 and MSP-300 sirens
  • voltage 3.6 V
  • capacity 13 Ah
  • operating temperature range from -55°C to +85°C
  • over 5-year lifetime (if used at temperature up to 30°C)
  • low self-discharge rate (<1% per year at 20°C)
  • short-circuit protection
  • resistance to harsh working conditions
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