Remote firmware update server for selected SATEL products

Updating the firmware of your device is necessary to enable it to use all its available functionality, however this operation can be very onerous. The Installer has each time to visit the premises where the system is installed, physically connect to the device, and to be present during the entire course of the update, which is rather troublesome. With the increasing number of systems (and, consequently, devices) to be managed, the inconveniences multiply: the costs of travel to the Customers are rising, and the process itself becomes very time-consuming and burdensome.

However, the operations connected with firmware update can be performed in a much simpler, more convenient and less expensive way. To facilitate and speed up the work of Installers, SATEL is introducing the UpServ – a remote update server which enables the replacement of firmware in SATEL's devices using TCP/IP communication (e.g. the GPRS, GSM, MICRA and other modules):

  • ability to remotely update the firmware of devices via GPRS,
  • ability to remotely update the firmware of devices that do not have a public IP address,
  • management of the available firmware updates,
  • ability to share the firmware updates with groups of devices or individual devices,
  • information on the progress of firmware update procedure in devices connecting to the server,
  • initiation of the update process by the device users.


  • Microsoft Windows operating system (given the number of opening network connections, work in the Windows Server environment is recommended),
  • Java Virtual Machine version 7 or higher installed,
  • server port (default: 44004) on which communication with devices will be effected should be enabled,
  • computer on which the update server will be run must have an IP address visible on the Internet (so-called public IP address).



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GPRS/SMS reporting transmitter
GPRS/SMS reporting module
GSM module replacing telephone line
Backup communication path module for telephone line
Control panel
alarm module with GSM/GPRS communicator
GSM/GPRS communication module
Communication module
Control panel
GPRS/SMS reporting module
GPRS/SMS reporting module with buffer power supply
Control panel
GPRS communication module for INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus
Control panel
Universal multi-purpose GSM/GPRS communication module
Universal GPRS monitoring module
Control panel
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel
Alarm control panel