Remote operation and signalling device – remote keypad

The remote keypad for CSP-200 series control panels enables a remote operation of a fire alarm system through the duplication of the user interface.  As a result, the fire alarm control panel may be installed in the most accessible location when taking the system’s topology into consideration, while the keypad may be installed near the workstation of the maintenance personnel. Thanks to a user interface which is identical with that of the control panel, the operation of the system via the keyboard is exactly the same as the local operation via the control panel.

  • built-in LCD for easy day-to-day operation and system programming,
  • built-in backup power supply with a single battery 12 V 17 Ah, and AUX 24 V and 18 V power outputs 


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compiled: 2014-05-30


EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2013-09-26
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Other certificates
updated: 2018-12-20
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Certificate of approval
updated: 2018-12-20
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Technical Data

Operating temperature range
-5…+40 °C
Maximum humidity
324 x 382 x 108 mm
Transit temperature range
-25….+55 °C
Normal mains power supply with mains voltage of
230 V AC +10% , -15% 50 Hz
Maximum current draw from the mains
500 mA
Operating duration of the stand-by supply
72 h
Maximum charging current of the battery
1 A
Maximum internal apparent resistance of the battery (with cables and terminals in a circuit)
1 Ω
Current draw from the battery when detecting
60 mA
Current draw from the battery when emitting an alarm
60 mA
Current draw from an integrated AC power adapter when detecting
55 mA
Current draw from an integrated AC power adapter when emitting an alarm
55 mA
Sealing of the casing
Weight without the battery
< 3 kg
Stand-by supply: internal acid battery

Information materials


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