Voice module

INT-VG enables remote control of VERSA and INTEGRA security system over telephone line with user friendly voice menu. With INT-VG it is possible not only to arm or disarm the system, but also to get detailed information on system status or control appliances attached to the panel. On top of this, the module can be used as an 16-message “voice synthesizer” for voice notification on selected system events.


  • voice menu controlled remotely with any DTMF telephone
  • message recording with the use of “text-to-speech” technology to eliminate awkward microphone recording
  • remote arming/disarming and output control for “home automation” devices
  • remote system status checking
  • MACRO feature for triggering of multiple actions with single command
  • module management with free VG-SOFT application
  • 16 messages recording for voice messaging
  • compatible with VERSA and INTEGRA


Only voice synthesizer features are available for INTEGRA 1.09 and older. Full support for the INT-VG will be introduced with the 1.10 upgrade for INTEGRA.

  • Firmware v1.02 - compatible ONLY with the INT-VG modules which currently have firmware v1.02 or older. To establish connection with the module you need to install the SATEL Virtual COM Port Driver, which can be downloaded from this location: SATEL Virtual COM Port
  • Firmware v1.07 - compatible ONLY with the INT-VG modules which currently have firmware v1.04 or newer. To establish connection with the module, the virtual port driver installation is not required.
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Max. current consumption
35 mA
Supply voltage
12 V DC
Standby mode current consumption
27 mA
Environmental class
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
Board dimensions
57 x 80 mm
32 g

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