Automatic overload protection with notification output

The ZB-2 module is a safety device protecting the output of any DC power supply against overload. The output cut-off current is 1.7 A. Additionally, the module is fitted with an NC type relay output to notify the connected control panel of an overload occurrence.

ZB-2 is designed to work with devices that are not provided with current limiter and overload indicator. Such devices are offered by SATEL and include CA-64 EPS, CA-64 ADR, CA-64 PP, CA-64 OPS-R, CA-64 OPS-OC and CA-64 OPS-ROC expanders.

  • protects 12V power supply outputs against overloading
  • diagnostic output to indicate overload condition
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updated: 2008-08-22
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Technical Data

OVL output rating
50 mA
Current consumption without load on OUT output
1,5 mA
OUT output overload protection (±10%)
1700 mA
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
10 g

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