Code locks

The INT-SZ-BL code lock is a small device designed to work with INTEGRA and CA-64 control panels. It makes possible control of access to the room or area, entry to which is restricted by a door with electrically-operated lock. It can also be used for access control over other devices provided with this type of lock (gates, gratings, trapdoors, etc.).

INT-SZ-BL has a door status monitoring input, tamper switch and three colored LEDs to indicate the door status / door opening (the door opening is additionally signaled acoustically). Using the correspondingly marked keys, you can trigger the three alarms – PANIC, FIRE and AUX – directly from the keypad. The keys are backlit for comfortable use even in low light conditions.

The code lock is available in two backlight color versions: INT-SZ-GR (green) and INT-SZ-BL (blue).

  • LEDs for door state indication
  • keypad hold-down PANIC, FIRE and AUX alarms
  • buzzer for door left open indication
  • relay for electromagnetic lock/electric strike
  • door control input
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Environmental class
Max. relay switched voltage
24 V
Max. relay switched current
2 A
Supply voltage
12 V DC
Enclosure dimensions
80 x 127 x 24 mm
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
Standby mode current consumption
24 mA
Max. current consumption
66 mA
110 g

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