CA-64 PP

Subpanel module


Meet the successor CA-64 PP !



Zone and output expansion module


This subpanel module is aimed at INTEGRA control panels and makes it possible to extend them with 8 additional inputs operating the NO, NC, EOL and 2EOL configurations as well as 8 programmable relay outputs and OC outputs. The additional anti-sabotage input facilitates detection of unauthorised opening of the enclosure in which the module is fitted. The CA-64 PP module is equipped with a back-up power supply (capacity 2.2 A) ensuring additional power to supply alarm system elements.

  • system expansion with 8 zones
  • system expansion with 8 outputs
    • (4 relay/4 low current OC)
  • switching mode power supply
CA-64 PP
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updated: 2011-11-29
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EU declaration of conformity
updated: 2018-02-27
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Technical Data

Environmental class
OC outputs rating
50 / 12 V DC mA
Power supply rating
2,2 A
Board dimensions
142 x 102 mm
Operating temperature range
-10…+55 °C
190 g
Relay contacts rated load (resistive)
2 A / 24 V DC
Maximum humidity
93 ±3%
Recommended transformer type
TR40VA (40 VA / 18 V AC)
Output voltage range
9,5…13,8 V DC
Battery failure voltage threshold (±10%)
11 V
Battery cut-off voltage (±10%)
9,5 V
Battery charging current (switch-over)
400 / 800 mA
Current consumption (w/o OC type output load and w/o active relays)
34 mA
Current consumption by active relay
20 mA
Supply voltage (±10%)
18 V AC, 50-60 Hz

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