Wireless multipurpose detector

The MXD-300 detector is designed to operate within the MICRA wireless system. It is a multipurpose device capable of working as a magnetic contact, magnetic with roller shutter input, shock, shock and magnetic or water flood detector.

It is supported by: PERFECTA (WRL models) alarm control panels, VERSA-MCU controller, MTX-300 controller, MICRA alarm module (firmware version 2.02 or newer). Radio signals from the detector can be retransmitted by MRU-300 radio signal repeater.

Available in two color options: white (MXD-300) or brown (MXD-300 BR).

  • option to select detector type using jumpers
  • operating modes:
    • magnetic contact / magnetic with roller shutter input

      • detection of opening of a door, window, etc.
      • input for connecting an NC type wired detector
      • input for connecting a wired detector with roller shutter input (magnetic with roller shutter input)
    • shock / shock and magnetic

      • detection of shocks and vibrations associated with attempts to force a door or window
      • detection of opening of a door, window, etc. (shock and magnetic detector)
    • water flood

      • detection of flooding in rooms with plumbing
      • input for connecting an external flood probe FPX-1 (white), FPX-1 BR (brown) or FPX-1 DG (dark gray) – the probe available separately

  • encrypted radio transmissions in the 433 MHz frequency band
  • battery status control
  • LED indicator
  • tamper protection against enclosure opening and removal from mounting surface
  • 2 magnets included (for surface and flush mounting)
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Battery working time (in years)
up to 2
Operating temperature range
Max. current consumption
22 mA
77 g
Maximum humidity
Operating frequency band
433,05 ÷ 434,79 MHz
CR123A 3V
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Detector enclosure dimensions
26 x 112 x 29 mm
Complied with standards
EN 50130-4, EN 50130-5, EN 50131-1, EN 50131-2-6, EN 50131-5-3
Security grade according to EN50131-2-6
Grade 2
Radio communication range (in open area) for PERFECTA
up to 600 m
Radio communication range (in open area) for MICRA / VERSA-MCU / MTX-300
up to 500 m
Magnet enclosure dimensions - surface mounting
26 x 13 x 19 mm
Magnet pad dimensions - surface mounting
26 x 13 x 3,5 mm
Magnet pad dimensions - recessed mounting
ø10 x 28 mm
Shock detection range (depending on the type of mounting surface)
up to 3 m
Radio communication range (in open area) for MRU-300
up to 300 m

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