Our offer includes a wide range of enclosures, which prevent control panels, auxiliary devices, and other accessories from accidental damage. Enclosures also help to organize wiring, and protect against tampering attempts.

Obudowy do systemu alarmowego

Security grades

The component with the lowest security grade has a critical impact on the security grade of the entire installation. When designing an alarm system installation to meet the requirements of the EN 50131 standard, attention should be paid to the security grade of chosen enclosures.

Metal enclosures

OMI Series enclosures feature a solid metal design. These models meet the Grade 3 requirements for the EN 50131 standard, making them an ideal choice for high-security installations. Some models are sold together with a transformer.
Obudowy do systemu alarmowego

Protected keypad

Sometimes keypads, partition keypads, or code locks require extra protection. We offer smaller size enclosures made of metal, belonging to OBU-M series. They protect keypads against unauthorized access.
Obudowa na manipulator systemu alarmowego
Obudowe plastikowe do systemów alarmowych

Plastic enclosures

The OPU series are models made of durable plastic. They are designed to accommodate a wide range of devices and accessories. All OPU enclosures feature integrated tamper protection.

Like the OMI series, OPU-3P and OPU-4P enclosures meet the stringent EN 50131 Grade 3 requirements.

Wide range of devices

OPU-3 P enclosures are designed for advanced INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus systems. Their design is intended to install as many additional devices inside as possible, while providing easy access to particular elements during maintenance. They also help to organize wiring.

The OPU-4 P enclosure is designed for smaller systems. There are two options – OPU-4 P for surface mounting, and OPU-4 PW for flush mounting. In addition to a control panel, these enclosures can accommodate additional expansion modules and accessories (e.g. antennas) in dedicated slots. The enclosures feature special cable holders, allowing to neatly organize all devices and wiring inside.

Urządzenie systemu alarmowego w obudowie

Compact sizes

The OPU series also includes enclosures for mounting individual small devices, mainly radio and communication modules.
Akumulator w obudowie do systemu alarmowego

Space for a battery

A battery providing backup power supply is an integral element of alarm systems. When selecting an enclosure model, take into account the size of the battery intended for the designed system.

List of enclosures and devices

Do you know which devices can be installed in a given enclosure?
Take a look at the chart and check.
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