2014-08-14   ACU-100 FLASH 3.02
2014-08-07   New version USB-RS Driver 2.10
2014-07-24   DLOADX 1.12.004
2014-07-17   GUARDX 1.12.002


2014-08-13   ETHM-1 Plus 07/14
2014-08-12   INT-O 08/14
2014-07-23   INT-SF 07/14
2014-07-21   AMD-102 07/14


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Fundusze unijne



systemy alarmowe   Transfer of SATEL's headquarters

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SATEL Sp. z o.o. would like to inform that since 1st August 2014 company headquarters has been moved to another location. In accordance with the resolution passed by the Board, the current address of the company is:
80-298 Gdansk, ul. Budowlanych 66.


systemy alarmowe   Completion of the training cycle for Russian specialists in 2014

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The highest level of solutions used in electronic security systems is for SATEL not only a priority, but also a great source of pride. To enable employees of distribution and redistribution companies from around the world to become better acquainted with the products, their production process and advanced testing methods, SATEL organizes seminars, presentations and training courses. They cover a variety of issues and topics, the degree of their technological advancement being always matched to the level of knowledge and needs of the participants.



systemy alarmowe   July 2014 News

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SATEL would like to introduce new devices, which are development versions of well known and acknowledged SATEL products. These novelties offer more options and are designed to help you get the most out of VERSA and INTEGRA based alarm systems - both at home and in company buildings.



systemy alarmowe   SATEL at Seguridad 2014

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On 8-10 April 2014, the employees of SATEL had the pleasure to participate in Expo Seguridad Mexico. The fair is held in the impressive Centro Banamex exhibition center located in Mexico City.


systemy alarmowe   SATEL at Securex 2014

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The 20th International Security Fair SECUREX 2014 is already over. SATEL can certainly consider it as a very successful and fruitful event. SATEL's top quality products and intuitive solutions once again were recognized by the Polish and foreign Customers, Trade Partners, as well as by the Organizers. Here is a brief summary of SATEL's presence during the four days of SECUREX 2014.

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