2014-11-25   GUARDX 1.13.000
2014-11-25   DLOADX 1.13.000
2014-11-21   DLOADX 1.13.000
2014-11-20   GUARDX 1.13.000


2014-11-24   SX6-TO 10/14
2014-10-17   INTEGRA 10/14
2014-10-17   INTEGRA 10/14
2014-10-17   INTEGRA Plus 10/14


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Fundusze unijne



systemy alarmowe   The Czech Republic Roadshow 2014 Report

systemy alarmowe

Direct contact with the Customers and Trade Partners is very important for every business, because it provides an opportunity to know their expectations and to present the latest product offerings. The need to increase the frequency of such meetings with the Customers in the Czech market gave rise to the idea to organize a Roadshow, which was a series of presentations of the top quality SATEL devices and solutions.


systemy alarmowe   Training for the Customers in Riga

systemy alarmowe

The most valuable form of contact with the Customers is the opportunity to have a direct meeting. Meetings, training and seminars are conducted both in Poland and in the premises of our Distributors around the world. On 14 August 2014, a seminar was held at the headquarters of the VEGA Serviss company in Riga, Latvia. The participants were mostly Installers. The meeting lasted five hours and covered such topics as the MICRA, ABAX, VERSA, INTEGRA and STAM-2 systems.



systemy alarmowe   July 2014 News

systemy alarmowe

SATEL would like to introduce new devices, which are development versions of well known and acknowledged SATEL products. These novelties offer more options and are designed to help you get the most out of VERSA and INTEGRA based alarm systems - both at home and in company buildings.



systemy alarmowe   SATEL's products at the Romanian Security Fair 2014

systemy alarmowe

Between 8th and 10th October 2014, the third edition of the Romanian Security Fair (RSF), organized by the Romanian Association for Security Technique (ARTS), was held in Bucharest. The Fair is aimed at the local and foreign manufacturers of security, fire and access control electronic systems.


systemy alarmowe   SATEL at Security Essen 2014

systemy alarmowe

The 40th edition of the Security Essen trade fair held in Germany is already over. The event, one of the biggest in the security industry in the world, attracted 1,045 exhibitors from 40 countries and some 40 000 visitors from 110 countries this year.

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