2016-08-08   DLOADX 1.16.004


2016-07-29   acco soft_io_en_0616.pdf
2016-07-14   vd1_io_en_0716.pdf
2016-07-04   aqua_pet_io_int_0616.pdf
2016-06-27   aqua_plus_io_int_0516.pdf
2016-05-20   apt100_io_en_0516.pdf
2016-05-09   int-tsi_iu_en_0516.pdf
2016-04-28   versa_plus_ii_en_0416.pdf
2016-04-28   versa_plus_p_en_0416.pdf


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systemy alarmowe   INT-TSI keypad awarded on the Dutch market!

systemy alarmowe

Between 29 September - 02 October 2015, the Elektrotechniek 2015 fair was held in the Dutch city of Utrecht. During this event, award was given to the INT-TSI touchscreen keypad, which has already won many awards at various industry competitions.


systemy alarmowe   Training for Customers in Riga

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On 28 October 2014, in Riga, the capital of Latvia, another training was held, organized for the security industry professionals by ELKO Group, a local distributor of SATEL devices. The meeting was attended by a large number of experts from the three Baltic States: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.



systemy alarmowe   New version of the mobile application for INTEGRA control panels

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Openness to new ideas, using the latest technologies and innovative approach to the already known solutions can bring extremely beneficial effects. This philosophy became the reason behind the changes made to the application for control of the alarm system based on the INTEGRA and INTEGRA Plus control panels.



systemy alarmowe   Italian distributors at SATEL's headquarters

From 4th to 8th July 2016, SATEL had the pleasure to host representatives of Italian redistribution companies. This integration and information meeting was organized jointly by SATEL and SATEL ITALIA.


systemy alarmowe   SATEL at SECUREX 2016

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On 25-28 April 2016, the SATEL Company took part in SECUREX 2016 – the largest trade fair of the security industry in Poland and Central Europe.

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