Detectors are an important component of intrusion alarm systems.

They detect burglars, their actions, and notify control panels. Additional protection detectors sense random events (such as fire or water leaks). Some devices can be used for smart home functions.

Czujki do systemu alarmowego SATEL

SATEL detectors offer a truly wide range of different functions

System antywłamaniowy

Intruder detection

Our detectors can successfully sense movements, sounds (like glass breaking) or shocks (when forcing to open doors or windows), as well as change in the position of objects (like paintings being removed from the wall). Upon detection, the devices immediately notify the control panel.
System antywłamaniowy
System alarmowy wykrywa zdarzenia losowe
System alarmowy wykrywa zdarzenia losowe

Response to random events

To complement intruder alarm systems, additional protection devices are used to detect various random events. SATEL detectors react to early signs of fire, leaking water, temperature changes, or various volatile substances (combustible or sleeping gases, and more).
System automatyki na bazie systemu alarmowego

Synergy with building automation systems

Some detectors can serve a dual role. For example, a motion detector, in addition to its primary role of detecting intruders, can also be used to control lighting. This is an easy way to reduce the number of devices working in a single building, minimizing overall costs of the entire installation.
System automatyki na bazie systemu alarmowego

Categories of detectors

Czujki zewnętrzne do systemu alarmowego

Outdoor protection detectors

Monitoring areas outside of buildings, they detect intruders before they try to barge inside. This way, burglars have no chance to cause any damage (like broken windows or doors). Thanks to the SATEL technological and design solutions, the detectors operate properly even in harsh weather conditions.
Ochrona obwodowa zwana jest także perymetrią

Perimeter protection detectors

Both outdoor and indoor detectors identify attempts to cross protected perimeters, including monitored passageways (gates, doors, or windows).
Czujki ochrony wewnętrznej do systemu alarmowego

Indoor security detectors

Installed inside buildings, they detect the presence of intruders, and protect your belongings. Additional protection detectors warn of other potentially dangerous events, such as first symptoms of fire or early stage of water leakage.

Types of detectors

Czujki ruchu PIR

Passive infrared detectors (PIRs)

PIR motion detectors use infrared radiation to detect intruder presence in a supervised area. Their effectiveness is guaranteed by detection algorithms and optical system design.
Dualne czujki ruchu PIR + MW

Dual-tech motion detectors

They are fitted with two different sensors – infrared and microwave. Therefore, they use two different physical phenomena to detect intruders, which reduces the risk of false alarms in areas where draughts or rapid temperature changes are present.
Czujki magnetyczne do systemu alarmowego

Magnetic contacts

They are used to detect window or door opening, which makes them an essential part of intruder alarm systems. Sizes, mounting options and enclosure colours can be selected to match specific detector model to your windows and doors.
Czujki stłuczenia szyby

Acoustic glass-break detectors

They detect the characteristic sound made when ordinary, laminated or toughened glass is broken. By using microprocessor-based sound analysis technology, they minimise the risk of false alarms caused by other types of noise.
Czujki wstrząsowe

Shock detectors

They are used to detect shocks accompanying attempts to force doors or windows. SATEL devices use digital signal processing, which guarantees high parameter repeatability and resistance to false alarms caused during ordinary facility operation.
Czujki wielodetektorowe

Multi-sense detectors

These devices are fitted with more than one sensor. This way one device can respond simultaneously to different types of events (e.g. movement and sound of glass breaking, or changes in temperature and light intensity).
Aktywne bariery podczerwieni są częścią perymetrii

Active infrared barriers

Active infrared barriers are used to detect unauthorised entry to protected areas. Infrared beams are emitted from transmitters to receivers, effectively detecting anything that passes between them. SATEL barriers are designed to operate in various weather conditions.
Zewnętrzne czujki kurtynowe są częścią perymetrii

Curtain detectors

A specific type of motion detectors that use a special lens to monitor a narrow strip of space, commonly referred to as a “curtain”. These devices can be installed both outside and inside a building. They can be used to protect fences, entrance gates, walls, doors, windows, and more.

Additional protection detectors

SATEL systems expanded with additional detectors can effectively detect hazards that may affect our life, health or cause property damage.
Czujki gazu

Gas detectors

The role of gas detectors is to identify volatile substances harmful to life and health (carbon monoxide, chloroform vapour) or explosive substances (natural gas, propane-butane), and inform about them.
Czujki dymu i ciepła

Smoke and heat detectors

These detectors react to the appearance of visible smoke or a sudden rise in temperature. They are suitable for use in areas with a high risk of fire, where there is no obligation to install complete fire alarm systems.
Czujki zalania

Flood detectors

Their purpose is to detect water leaks from different building installations like plumbing systems, water tanks, and more.
Czujki temperatury

Temperature detectors

Detectors in this group trigger alarms when preset thresholds are exceeded or in the event of sudden temperature changes. Some of them can send information about the measured temperature to the control panel, which can be used, for example, to monitor and automatically adjust the temperature conditions in the room.
Czujki do systemu alarmowego

SATEL offers both wired and wireless detectors.

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