Sirens are devices used to warn users of events detected by intruder alarm systems like intrusion in protected premises, detected smoke and water leakage, or the presence of various dangerous gases.

Wide range of devices

Sirens are divided into two different groups: outdoor and indoor, differing in their design and size.

Each group features different signalling methods: optical or acoustical.

Sygnalizatory i syreny do systemu alarmowego
Zasilacze do sygnalizatorów i syren

Reliable power supply

Sirens are either powered directly from a control panel, or by a separate power supply operating in the alarm installation.

Some of our sirens are equipped with emergency power supply (battery) in case they’re cut off from alarm installation. This security feature proves useful when sirens are installed in easily-accessed places.

Signalling technology

Two solutions are most commonly used in the case of acoustic alarms: piezoacoustic transducers and dynamic horn transducers. Both emit a high-frequency sound of very high intensity, which is very unpleasant to the ear. LEDs are most commonly used for optical alarms. We offer models with one or both signal types. When is it important to use both sound and warning light alarms? For example, when the alarm device is connected to the alarm system in a shop located in a mall, or mounted on a staircase, making it easier to locate the exact location of the triggered alarm.
Sygnalizatory i syreny do systemu alarmowego
Sygnalizatory i syreny odporne na warunki atmosferyczne

Durable and aesthetic enclosure

Enclosures of our sirens are made of high quality polycarbonate. This material is used for example in car lamp casings or police shields.

The devices in our offer are resistant to high and low temperatures, strong wind, humidity or UV radiation, as well as to attempts of intentional damage.

Additional security features

Each model offered by SATEL features tamper protections which detect attempts to open the enclosure or detach the device from the ground. Some models detect attempts to silence the alarm device with mounting foam.

We use a layer of resin to protect electronic elements sensitive to weather conditions in alarm devices intended for outdoor use.

A metal shield is a supplementary protection. Shields protect the interior of the alarm devices against any forceful attempts of destroying them.

Ochrona sabotażowa w sygnalizatorach i syrenach
Łatwe w montażu sygnalizatory i syreny

Easy installation

Some models of outdoor alarm devices feature hinged covers. This solution is particularly useful in situations where it is not possible to put the front cover aside during installation. Depending on your needs, the hinges can be placed on the bottom or side walls of the housing. The built-in spirit level supports an aesthetically pleasing installation.

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