Corporate responsibility

SATEL meets the criteria of the EU Directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (2002/95/EC of 27 January 2003), which aims to restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, including lead.

In accordance with the provisions of the Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, the Batteries and Accumulators Act, the Waste Act, as well as the Regulation of the Minister of Environment on the manner of establishing the registration number, the Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection entered SATEL sp. z o.o. in the BDO register at number 000006416.
SATEL sp. z o.o. is listed in two registers:
  1. Register of entrepreneurs and organizations for recovery of electrical and electronic equipment.
  2. Register of producers of batteries or accumulators and operators of facilities for processing waste batteries or accumulators.


The primary objective of the official “Nature-Friendly Company” programme is to raise environmental awarness among the public and entrepreneurs of the hazards posed by waste electrical and electronic equipment and ways of dminimising them. The programme is run by AURAEKO S.A. – organization responsible for the recovery of electrical and electronic equipment.

SATEL has participated in the programme since May 31st 2007.