GSM module replacing telephone line

The GSM LT-1 communication module makes it possible to use GSM paths to provide monitoring and messaging functions in alarm systems. It facilitates cooperation with SATEL and third-party control panels offering connectivity by means of control panel diallers. The GSM LT-1 module makes it possible to implement monitoring as well as text and voice messaging functions.

Features and functions:

  • transmission of signals from a telephone dialer via GSM network
  • conversion of PAGER messages to SMS
  • remote module configuration via GPRS
  • remote programming of control panels via GPRS
  • "remote RS-232 port" function
  • remote update of module firmware


  • dedicated monitoring module for INTEGRA control panels
  • SMS receiver for STAM monitoring station
  • GSM gateway for telephone exchanges

Product card


Information materials

 Technical Data
 Communication and messaging
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EU declaration of conformity
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Technical Data

Supply voltage
12 V DC
Board dimensions
72 x 104 mm
Operating temperature range
-10...+55 °C
Standby mode current consumption
100 mA
Max. current consumption
350 mA
Maximum humidity
Environmental class according to EN50130-5
Device + housing weight
204 g
Required minimum current efficiency of power pack
500 mA
FLT output current carrying capacity
50 mA
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