News in spring 2023

At the beginning of this spring, we have added a number of new products to our range.  Here is a list of all the news.

alarm control panel offering support for wide range of wired and wireless devices from the ABAX 2 or MICRA systems
module enabling the PERFECTA 64 M control panel to operate wireless devices of the MICRA family
keypad with touch keys for operating the alarm systems of INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and PERFECTA 64 M control panels
wireless LCD keypad for PERFECTA 64 M control panel, operating within the ABAX 2 system
wireless radiator thermostat of the ABAX 2 family controlled by the INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus, and PERFECTA 64 M control panels

5 V DC in-wall switching power supply for wireless keypads

universal monitoring module supporting 2G and 4G mobile networks
multipurpose detector available in three colours: white, brown, and dark grey
access control panel, which replaces former model ACCO-NT – new control panel is supported as part of the ACCO NET access control system in version 1.8 or newer

and accessories:

dark grey enclosure for the following motion detectors: SLIM-PIR-LUNA, SLIM-DUAL-LUNA, APD-200, APMD-250, and MPD-310

dark grey enclosure for SLIM-PIR and SLIM-DUAL motion detectors

dark grey hermetic enclosure allowing the outdoor use of the AXD-200 and XD-2 multipurpose detectors
magnet in a dark grey enclosure compatible with detectors placed inside the OPX-1 DG enclosure
adjustable dark grey holder for detectors in the OPC-1 DG and OPC-2 DG enclosures

fastening pins for installing electronics boards in the OPU and OMI universal enclosures

holder for the ER34615 batteries for use in wireless outdoor sirens
We hope that the new products will meet the expectations of both our existing and new customers!