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  • secure protection for apartments, small houses and small companies
  • cable, wireless or hybrid system
  • simple setup with PERFECTA Soft
  • convenient control with PERFECTA CONTROL application



  • secure circuit protection for every facility
  • efficient detection in demanding conditions
  • compact splash-proof IP54 housing
  • broadband, precise sensitivity setup



  • excellent quality of detection in demanding atmospheric conditions
  • active IR antimasking
  • Grade 3 protection level for internal applications



  • quality which fulfils most rigorous norms, including Grade 3 protection level
  • high electricity capability, high efficiency, PFC active
  • thermic, short circuit and overload protection
  • possibility of usage in most demanding installations



  • system control from any place in the world
  • quick and simple installation and setup
  • safe, encrypted sending of data Mobile transmission or Wi-Fi
  • intuitive interface which ensures convenient control over the system every day

SATEL: Made to Protect

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Alarm control panel

The only such compact solution offering: multi-path communication,
dedicated mobile application, fully wireless control and potential to create
a wired, wireless or hybrid system.

Time for VERSA Plus control panel!


Intrusion detection systems

Communication and messaging

Communication and messaging

The main task of an effective alarm system is to inform about the instance of danger detection. That is why, the devices belonging to the "communication and messaging" group play a very important role in a system, regardless of the technology employed. However, the possibilities of utilising these devices are much more extensive. They may be used to directly inform the interested parties through a transfer of information to companies responsible for physical security as well as to remotely configure and manage an alarm system.





Phone communicators

As far as the technology employed is concerned, the simplest devices from this group comprise communicators using traditional wired phone lines. They ensure the possibility of fulfilling all basic functions, starting from voice messaging through monitoring in different formats to remote system programming via telephone modems. Communicators of this type constitute integral parts of the majority of SATEL's control panels, which results in the fact that users may take advantage of their capabilities without using any additional equipment.


Phone communicators


Voice synthesiser


Functionalities of certain control panels with phone communicators may be extended by means of additional modules. The most popular ones include voice synthesisers responsible for playing back voice messages informing users about a given system event.


The offer also includes modules for interactive system control by means of a voice menu. In this case, similarly to the popular hotline systems, a required option may be selected via phone keypads.

A preferable solution for extended systems based on the INTEGRA series control panels requiring frequent remote management via phone lines is to use an external modem. Much higher transmission speeds in comparison with embedded modems significantly enhance work comfort and ensure considerable time savings.

GSM/GPRS communicators

GSM/GPRS communicators

Mobile telephony has been irreversibly replacing traditional telephone lines, as a result becoming the most popular form of communication. A growing number of households replace landline phones with mobile phones belonging to their individual members. Digital services provided by mobile telephony networks are perfectly tailored to alarm systems needs. Apart from standard phone connections with voice messaging, text messages are used to transmit required information to individual users. A control panel may transfer coherent and unambiguous information regarding vital system events in the form of these messages.

This method of communication may also be used in alarm monitoring by transmitting system status data to a monitoring station operated by the security company. Data may also be transmitted to monitoring stations by means of data communication within the GPRS service, provided a given monitoring station is equipped with dedicated TCP/IP receivers.


GSM/GPRS communicators

GSM/GPRS communicators constitute an important element of the SATEL product range. Thanks to their well-thought-out and universal design, they may be used with practically any given control panel, even including third-party devices. The simplest communicators provide only basic methods of sending information by means of text messages and GPRS. More extended devices feature the voice beams, which enables them to function as GSM gates. The most advanced models offer the function of wired telephone line supervision and its automatic replacement in GSM networks in the case of a failure.


TCP/IP communicators

TCP/IP communicators

Totally new capabilities in the field of communication are offered by TCP/IP communicators operating within the INTERNET network. They ensure not only efficient information transfer to monitoring stations, but also fulfil additional functions.

TCP/IP communicators


They enable, e.g. remote control and management of a system via laptop computers of even smartphones. Such communicators also provide messaging by means of e-mails containing information regarding current system events.



As far as INTEGRA control panels are concerned, TCP/IP communicators make it possible to remotely programme a control panel via Internet by means of the dedicated DLOADX software. The ETHM-1 module also ensures remote management for INTEGRA systems via the GUARDX application.



Additional capabilities of such systems may also be used in large installations requiring centralised management. The STAM-2 PRO monitoring station system ensures remote management of numerous INTEGRA systems equiped with TCP/IP communicators.


Module comparison chart

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