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KNX modules

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SATEL KNX – make your home smarter

KNX Modules

The KNX system is an international standard that offers the possibility of implementing the ultimate in the advanced building automation.

Until now, the only KNX-related product in our portfolio was the INT-KNX-2 module which made possible the integration of INTEGRA alarm systems with intelligent building installations.

The new SATEL KNX devices will open up for you even more possibilities in the implementation of smart building functions. They will allow you to easily control, for example, lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, roller shutters/blinds, multimedia and even garden watering. KNX devices communicate with each other, so they can work together as parts of one system – or, if the need arises, carry out their tasks autonomously.

More about KNX

Easy lighting control

The first of the new products, the KNX-DIM21 universal two-channel dimming actuator, allows smooth control of light sources (supplied from 230 V AC mains or through a transformer). The module automatically detects the type of connected load (resistive, inductive or capacitive) and selects the appropriate type of control. A load of up to 300 W can be connected to each of the two channels.

Blinds, roller shutters and awnings. Or maybe an electric window?

The next modules are the KNX-BSA12L and KNX-BSA12H two-channel shutter actuators, which allow you to precisely control the electric drives of, for example, window coverings, including horizontal and vertical blinds or roller blinds, awnings, motorized curtain rods and windows. Each of them is designed for devices requiring a different voltage - KNX-BSA12L: 24 V DC, and KNX-BSA12H: 230 V AC.

Turn it on and off whenever you want

The next pair of new devices are the KNX-SA41 and KNX-SA24 universal switching actuators. They allow you to control various types of electrical devices, including lighting, fans, gate drives or solenoid valves. The first of the modules has four controllable channels (relays), and the other one – eight.

One device - many possibilities

The KNX-BIN24 universal binary input module is a device that can receive both voltage signals from devices outside the KNX installation (e.g. from buttons, switches, reed contacts) and telegrams from devices connected to the bus. Logical and time relations can be created between individual receiving channels. Additionally, the module has 20 blocks to which various control functions can be assigned – they are activated from input channels. One input as well as signals from function blocks can be used many times in other/different blocks.


Easy programming

The universal Engineering Tool Software (ETS), which is shared by all KNX device manufacturers, is used to configure new modules. However, installing the program is not enough – you must also connect the computer to the KNX bus. The KNX-USB interface can be used for this purpose. Its additional advantage is the ability to log (into the internal memory) the traffic of telegrams in the installation – the data saved can then be exported to CSV or XML files. Management of the Interface memory as well as enabling and disabling of the logging mode is done from the KNX-USB Soft program.

Stable power supply

The last device in the SATEL KNX group is the KNX-PS640 DIN rail mounted power supply. It is used to supply the KNX bus with system voltage, the maximum output current being 640 mA. An undisputed advantage of this power supply is its immunity to short circuits and overloads.

Remember that the uniqueness of SATEL solutions is the possibility of easy integration. You can easily connect an intelligent installation based on KNX modules with the INTEGRA alarm system. As a result, the users will be able to enjoy the convenient control of the entire system from one keypad (e.g. INT-TSI touchscreen) and the INTEGRA CONTROL mobile application.

For the user:

  • system's functionality perfectly tailored to the users' expectations
  • convenient control, both locally and remotely
  • using scenes and scenarios that combine operation of various system components
  • security - possibility of integration with an advanced alarm system
  • energy saving

For the integrator:

  • great flexibility in selection of system components
  • easy expansion and modification of the system
  • implementation of even very complex and demanding users' requirements
  • effective and convenient ETS program:

Want to learn more about our new devices?
Check how you can use them in practice to make your home smarter.

More about KNX


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