Juli nieuws!

Ontdek nieuwe apparaten die werken als onderdeel van het
MICRA systeem (433 MHz), de nieuwe RK-serie handzendersets,
evenals de modulaire afstandhouder voor buiten- en gordijndetectoren.

ABAX 2 + Modbus RTU

Open communicatie protocol ondersteuning

Nu kunt u de ACU-220- en ACU-280 controllers eenvoudig integreren
met bijv. met automatisering of data-acquisitiesystemen.

The SLIM-PIR-LUNA detector

awarded in the Good Design competition

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KNX modules

now available in SATEL's offer!

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Novelties Winter 2018 

Novelties Winter 2018

February 2018 is bringing several new additions to SATEL's product offering. Some of them belong to the "Communication and messaging" group, but there are also accessories for other product groups.

Check if you can find something for yourself!

Universal communication module…

The first of the products that opens the range of new additions is the GSM-X. universal communication module. The device can be used with any alarm control panel to implement effective reporting of events as well as reliable notification. The module can also serve as a modem for INTEGRA control panels, GSM gateway, provide a backup communication path in the event of telephone landline failure, or work as a receiver for the STAM-2 monitoring station. The module outputs can be remotely controlled so that you can use the module, for example, to control an alarm system or monitor connected devices or systems.

The built-in GSM telephone module has slots for two nano-SIM cards. If any problems occur with the first card operator's network, the module automatically switches to the other card to keep the communication going. In addition to support for audio and SMS messages, GSM-X can communicate using GPRS technology (TCP or UDP reporting, communication with GX Soft configuration program and GX CONTROL mobile application, PUSH messages).

... and its expansion module

You can easily expand capabilities of the GSM-X module by adding to it another newly proposed SATEL solution: the dedicated GSM-X-ETH Ethernet module. GSM-X will thus get access to the Ethernet network, which is another communication channel. This additional channel may be used in parallel or alternately with GPRS transmission. Such a solution makes it possible to implement, for example, the extremely effective Dual Path Reporting in premises requiring the highest degree of security.

Universal monitoring module

Another new addition to the SATEL product offering is the
GPRS-A universal monitoring module. This device will perform very well as a solution for supervising both alarm and automation systems: it will effectively send information about events occurring in the systems to monitoring stations or indicated parties.

The module can also work as a stand-alone device, including monitoring a range of various types of analog and digital sensors (e.g. 1-Wire temperature sensors). According to the concept of the Internet of Things, measuring data may be forwarded for processing or visualization, with GPRS-A supporting three open communication protocols: MQTT, JSON and MODBUS.

The module can automatically respond by changing the state of its outputs if the limits of monitored values are exceeded. The module outputs can also be controlled remotely from the GX CONTROL mobile application or from the GX Soft configuration program. Therefore, you can use the module to implement the building automation functions or to control the alarm system.

Intuitive configuration of communication modules

The GX Soft software has been created specifically for the needs of the new communication modules. Clear interface of the program makes operation and configuration of these devices extremely intuitive. The ability to connect to the modules from a remote location by using the SATEL connection setup service allows you to immediately check the state of devices and, if necessary, make instant modifications to the settings.

Control of communication modules from mobile devices

Can the communication module be controlled by using an Android or iOS device? Yes! We are developing the dedicated 
GX CONTROL  application, which is a handy tool for remote control of outputs of the GSM-X and GPRS-A modules, i.e. control of devices or installations connected to them. The application will also allow you to check the state of module inputs and outputs, view the recorded internal events, including troubles. Additionally, the GX CONTROL settings will make it possible to define the events of which the user will be informed by PUSH notifications. The application will be available soon.

Digital temperature measurement

DS-T1 is a digital temperature sensor that can be connected to the 1-Wire bus and thus, for example, to the GPRS-A module. As this sensor can measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, it can be used to monitor the conditions prevailing in residential buildings, office buildings, production halls, cold stores, farm buildings, in their surroundings, etc.

Compact GSM antenna for enclosure mounting

ANT-GSM-E is a new dual-band GSM antenna designed for mounting on the enclosure of control panels and communication modules. It is characterized by very good transmission parameters and compact dimensions.

New lens for curtain detectors

How to quickly increase the beam density in the AGATE and AOCD-250 external curtain detectors? Just replace the front part of the detector enclosure with AOCD-CL ‒ a new complete cover with Fresnel lens.

The above items are just forerunners of a range of new additions to the SATEL product offering in 2018. To be up to date, watch the NEW PRODUCTS section carefully on our website. Soon, you will find more devices and solutions there.


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