SATEL op de 25e verjaardag van KNX

The 20th of October 2015 is a special date for all companies operating in the building automation industry. On that day, more than 40 countries around the world were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the KNX standard. Representatives of the SATEL company, which is a member of the KNX Association, had the pleasure of attending the ceremony held in Poland.

KNX is an open standard for the management and control of equipment and buildings for all types of control installations. The KNX standard allows convenient control of both lighting, heating and air conditioning, as well as energy management systems, water and multimedia installations. It is also used in security systems, SATEL being one of the companies whose solutions enable integration of the building automation with the alarm system.

The meeting, which was held at the Winosfera restaurant in Warsaw, included interesting lectures and presentations on a variety of subjects. Origin and history of KNX as well as functions of the devices using this standard and their possible uses were presented. Also, the planned technological development directions and goals for the future were outlined. Additionally, a special presentation was given by Juan Cristian Santandreu Utermark, a world-class architect, who showed the possibilities of applying the KNX system in modern architecture.

SATEL warmly congratulates the KNX Association on this glorious jubilee, wishing it further dynamic growth and looking forward to many years of fruitful cooperation.


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