Training voor klanten in Riga

On 28 October 2014, in Riga, the capital of Latvia, another training was held, organized for the security industry professionals by ELKO Group, a local distributor of SATEL devices. The meeting was attended by a large number of experts from the three Baltic States: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

During the training, the globally recognized SATEL solutions of the INTEGRA, VERSA and MICRA series were presented. The launching of the latest VERSA Plus hybrid control panel with the fully wireless VERSA-LCDM-WRL keypad and the dedicated VERSA CONTROL mobile application was also announced.

The products that enjoyed particular interest among participants to the meeting were the wireless devices included in the ABAX two-way system as well as the INT-TSI and INT-TSG touch keypads. Curiosity was also aroused by the thematic block dedicated to the MICRA CONTROL and the above mentioned VERSA CONTROL mobile applications, which enable control of the alarm system in a simple and convenient way from anywhere in the world.

The participants had an opportunity to directly test the features of the devices in the training room on the demonstration kits, specially prepared for this purpose.

The topics covered in the training aroused a great interest among the participants who were keen to take part in the discussion on the rich functionality of SATEL's systems, particularly those concerning the possibilities of home automation control. The Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian experts appreciated the availability of macro features in the INT-TSI and INT-TSG keypads as well as the option of alarm system integration with the KNX system.

At the end of the training the most active participants received prizes in the form of SATEL devices, including the TOPAZ Pet detector and the ETHM-1 Plus module, which enables the INTEGRA family control panels to be enhanced by adding the an e-mail notification capability.

SATEL would like to thank the ELKO Group for the high level of training preparation and the opportunity to present the advanced and functional SATEL's solutions.


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  Training voor klanten in Riga