Presentation and meetings in Italy

In recent years, SATEL has created a developed sales and distribution network for its products on the Italian market. This was possible owing to the cooperation with SATEL ITALIA srl - a company founded by enthusiasts of SATEL brand devices and solutions. Since 2010, it has carried out dynamically business activities, providing the highest standard of support by commitment to the promotion and sale of SATEL products. The company also organizes product and technical training courses both at its headquarters and in locations throughout the country, ensuring a high level of knowledge for its Customers.

At the end of February 2014, one of such meetings was held at the SATEL Italia headquarters in Grottammare, where the pre-premiere presentation of the INT-TSI, a new 7" touch screen keypad, took place. During that meeting, professionals from technical departments of local distributors had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the device and its rich functionality. The presentation also included the TSI Builder Configurator, which enables intelligent alarm systems to be fully personalized according to the individual needs of the users.

After the presentation of SATEL's new product offerings, a training in advanced programming of the INTEGRA control panels and the very INT-TSI keypad was held. It involved creation of configurations for the home automation and access control systems. The installers had an opportunity to program the INT-TSI, with the assistance of specialists from both SATEL and SATEL Italia. After completion of the training, the participants received certificates confirming the knowledge and skills they acquired.

The last point of the meeting at the SATEL Italia headquarters was the announcement of the new VERSA WRL control panel, which aroused great interest of the Customers.

SATEL also closely cooperates with a network of redistributors in the Italian market. Therefore, during the February stay in Italy, the export department staff participated in many meetings at the premises of companies engaged in further distribution of SATEL products in the central and northern regions of the country. The purpose of these visits was to strengthen the cooperation and to know even better the Customers and their needs. On the Italian side, the meetings were attended by representatives of executives of local companies, as well as installers and resellers. The visits enabled the SATEL specialists to get even more intimate knowledge of the local market of electronic security systems and its requirements.

Training, presentations and meetings with the Customers are key points in the SATEL export activities - not only because of the occasion to present products to the Customers, but also because of the opportunity to get more familiar with the specifics of different foreign markets. Therefore, SATEL wishes to thank the Italian Trade Partners and Customers for warm reception, taking interest in our devices and solutions, as well as for their active participation in the training.

photos: Bartosz Piotrowski


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