Deelname SATEL aan de SICUREZZA beurs

While giving an account from our participation in industry fairs, so far we have concentrated on describing the products which generated the most interest and reporting the conversations by our stand. The SICUREZZA 2012 Fairs organised on 7-9 November were exceptional in a different dimension. We would like to strongly emphasis the involvement and enthusiasm expressed by Satel Italia, our partner. The hard work done during the year and the flair shown during our joint preparations for the fairs have resulted in a considerable number of persons visiting our stand and great atmosphere. The interest generated by our current products and anticipation of our new products prove that Satel-branded products become more and more popular among Italian customers. The Italian market is an important market as far as Satel's offer expansion is concerned. The distribution network built by Satel Italia is our strong point having positive influence on the process of achieving our business goals. The engagement of individual points of sale has resulted in their active participation in presenting Satel products during the SICUREZZA fairs. The personnel of Satel Italia and cooperatives have been constantly extending their knowledge regarding all solutions provided by Satel. Close cooperation with our company's specialists guarantees that products designed for Italian customers will meet their qualitative and functional expectations and requirement.

We are also glad that a growing group of customers (not only on the Italian market) appreciate the quality and functionality of our products.

We would like to one more time thank Satel Italia and distribution outlets for their engagement and trust in our products.

We would also like to thank all the persons who visited our stand during the fairs. We sincerely hope that the future products introduced in our assortment will satisfy you and meet all your requirements connected with our systems' operation.


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