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Ontdek nieuwe apparaten die werken als onderdeel van het
MICRA systeem (433 MHz), de nieuwe RK-serie handzendersets,
evenals de modulaire afstandhouder voor buiten- en gordijndetectoren.

ABAX 2 + Modbus RTU

Open communicatie protocol ondersteuning

Nu kunt u de ACU-220- en ACU-280 controllers eenvoudig integreren
met bijv. met automatisering of data-acquisitiesystemen.

The SLIM-PIR-LUNA detector

awarded in the Good Design competition

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KNX modules

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Noviteiten December 2011

We are pleased to announce that from 1st December Satel's offer will increase by new, very interesting products. First, we will present the MICRA Wireless Alarm System. The MICRA system is designed primarily for the protection of small-size buildings, such as kiosks, boutiques, cottages, garages and small workshops, however, the applications for MICRA can be much wider. Owing to its compact design, the module provides mobility for the installation, if necessary. It is therefore an ideal temporary protection, for example, for construction sites.

The applicability of wireless motion and reed switch detectors offer optimal protection against burglary, and the wireless smoke detectors can provide additional security. Operation of the system by means of remote control key fobs, wireless keypad or mobile phone is simple and intuitive. With its analog inputs, the MICRA can be also used for supervision of technical devices, providing information on exceeding the critical parameters, such as temperature or pressure.


The MICRA system comprises the MICRA alarm module, which is already commercially available, and the latest wireless devices:



Wireless motion detector for MICRA system

Motion detector, whose function is to detect an intruder moving within the system protected area. Owing to its pet immunity, the MPD-300 can provide protection even if small pets, such as small dogs or cats, are moving in its coverage range at the time of supervision. A lithium battery used to power the device ensures many years of work without having to replace it, so the system is as easy to use as the traditional wired solutions.



MMD-300 / MMD-300 BR
Wireless door/window opening detector

Magnetic detector of open doors and windows, representing the "first line of defense". With the MMD-300, the alarm system will react to intrusion before the intruder manages to get into the protected area. Powered by a lithium battery, which ensures many years of operation without having to replace the power source.



Wireless smoke and heat detector for MICRA system

Smoke and heat detector, designed for early detection of a developing fire. In addition to providing information about the hazard to the control panel, the MSD-300 detector can warn of the danger, using the built-in siren. In contrast to conventional smoke detectors, this device will react not only to visible smoke, but also to a rapid increase in temperature, thus providing more complete protection against the danger of fire.



Remote control key fob for MICRA system

Multifunction remote control key fob for controlling the MICRA system. It allows not only to easily arm and disarm the system, but also to call for help (start the panic alarm), or control other devices connected to the MICRA system, for instance, the entrance gate. Its additional advantage is the option to individually configure each button, so that its operation can better suit your needs.




Wireless keypad for MICRA system

Wireless keypad for MICRA system which allows arming / disarming and controlling devices connected to the module, without the need to have an own remote control key fob. This makes it an ideal control solution wherever the system is expected to be operated by many different people.





Another new item in the price list is a product extending the functionality of automation systems implemented on the basis of INTEGRA control panel.

KNX system integration module

The INT-KNX module is a hardware interface between the INTEGRA system and the KNX (formerly EIB) bus. Thus, it becomes possible to send KNX telegrams (i.e. commands to control KNX actuators) in response to specific events in the INTEGRA control panel. Configuration of such a system amounts to assigning the appropriate telegrams to the selected control panel outputs, which in turn can represent various events: detector violation, timer operation, user triggered action or logical combinations of these signals. As a result, full flexibility of the whole system configuration, traditional for the INTEGRA control panels, can be obtained, limited in principle only by the number of available outputs.
The emergence of INT-KNX module makes this solution, in addition to the extensive functionality of the automation systems implemented under the INTEGRA control panel, one of the most versatile ones. First of all, it thus allows full use of the existing devices included in the alarm system.



We are also pleased to present you new products, extending the offer of the ABAX wireless system that is highly valued by our Customers.


Wireless smoke and heat detector

The ASD-110 multisensor detector enables detection of the early stages of fire development when visible smoke appears and/or temperature rise occurs. It can work as a stand-alone device or as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system An optical method is used for the detection of visible smoke. When the concentration of smoke in the optical chamber exceeds a given threshold, an alarm is triggered. The smoke sensor operating parameters are modified depending on the temperature changes recorded by the thermal sensor (thermistor).
The ASD-110 detector replaces the ASD-100 detector. For correct operation of use the new device, use the updated firmware: INTEGRA v. 1.09 (2011-11-02), ACU-100 v. 3.2, DloadX v. 1.09.001



Finally, we present the module which replaces the previously offered CA SR-64 and CA-64 DR expanders.


Multifunction expander for card / chip readers

Extension module for INTEGRA control panels enabling proximity card readers and/or iButton chip readers to be connected to implement access control to and arming/disarming of the partition. The INT-R expander can interface with the INTEGRA and CA-64 alarm control panels.

We hope that these new products will meet your expectations and become a permanent addition to the range of devices installed in your security systems.

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