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You have probably faced a problem of communication barrier created by rather hermetic vocabulary used by professionals. The problem concerns many fields of activity. If you have never had to do with security alarm systems before, the first contact with the system installer may be stressful, because the words coming out of his mouth will sound strange to you. We will try therefore to bring a bit closer to you  the terminology related to security systems and the operating principles of devices included in simplest security systems. We will make our best to present in an easy way the  basic functionality of particular components of the security system.

Our concern is that you know and freely move within the  area of opportunities the technology offers. We hope the information below will allow you to better understand the essential issues and terms related to the burglary and panic alarm systems.   The security alarm system can be compared to a security guard protecting your house, office or another facility. However, unlike man, it never gets tired, is always alert, and can do without sleep to care about your property round the clock. Of course, the burglary and panic alarm system, like the guard, will act in a different way, depending on the situation.


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  Basic end user information