Conventional manual call point (internal)

Manual call points enable the notification of a detected fire to persons present in its vicinity and the activation of a fire alarm.

  • full conformance with the requirements of EN54-11
  • mechanical detection memory
  • reusable access panel facilitating system maintenance
  • LED signalling on detection of fire
  • special reset key which can be used after the activation of the manual call point



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Technical Data

Enclosure dimensions
87 x 87 x 53 mm
Operating temperature range
-5...+55 °C
Supply voltage
9...30 V DC
Standby mode current consumption
0 mA
Max. current consumption
41 mA
168 g
Maximum humidity
IP rating
IP24D ¹
¹ Feature not confirmed during the process of assessment and verification of constancy of performance carried out by the Scientific & Research Centre for Fire Protection -National Research Institute (CNBOP-PIB) – feature confirmed in additional tests.